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In-depth expertise across healthcare

The team

We are a young, innovative start-up, based in the heart of Styria, Austria. Our young and energetic team of experts from medical and technical universities, is constantly working on the development of new ideas and solutions for you. Thanks to the diverse specializations of our team members, ranging from neuroscience, medicine, to biomedical engineering, we can develop easy to use, clinically validated products based on AI. Our work is based on empirical medical evidence and is supported by senior dermatologists.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop innovative and affordable technologies for medical issues with the potential to improve your health and well-being. We believe, that living a good and healthy life must not depend upon the income but should be accessible for all humans. With this goal, we specialized in the development of certified medical products, designed to be used by everyone. The astonishing development of artificial intelligence during the last decade has made this possible. We managed to incorporate this brilliant technology on regular smartphones…

And voila: an easy-to-use and reliable medical product to assess the risk of a skin lesion is ready to boost your health!

team-Dr Michael Tripolt

Dr. Michael Tripolt, MPH

Founder, Medical Advisor
Marko Drndarevic

Marko Drndarevic MSc

Project Manager
Andrea Wagner BSc

Andrea Wagner, BSc

Risk Manager
Fabian Fruewirth

Fabian Frühwirth

Usability Engineer
Philipp Efferl-2

Philipp Efferl

Medical Data Engineer
Jasmin Buchta

Jasmin Buchta

Marketing Specialist / Executive Assistant CEO
Lukas Roed-2

Lukas Röd

Clinical Evaluation Engineer